Energy-Efficient Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

IEEE DOTNET based on MOBILE COMPUTING 2013 Abstract: Due to the growing popularity of the Internet, data centers/network servers are anticipated to be the bottleneck in hosting network-based services, even though the network bandwidth continues to increase faster than the server capacity. It has been observed that network servers contribute to approximately 40 percent of the overall delay, […]

Probabilistic Lifetime Maximization of Sensor Networks

IEEE DOTNET based on MOBILE COMPUTING 2013 Abstract: Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM) has been adopted by recent wireless communication systems as their air interface. This paper proposes a new balanced resource scheduling (BRS) scheme with adaptive priority threshold to strike an excellent balance between QoS guarantee and system throughput for downlink transmission in OFDMA systems. The BRS scheme […]

GSM Mobile Phone Based Message Display System

IEEE DOTNET based on MOBILE COMPUTING 2013 Abstract: In our Project we help Customers to make their in-store shopping more efficient. We store entire list of merchants and their items in a central server. Customers can send SMS in natural language to the Plaza and get reply to know details about product of their interest. From Customer point […]

Distributed Flow Scheduling in Energy-Aware Data Center Networks

IEEE DOTNET based on MOBILE COMPUTING 2013 Abstract: ENERGY is a principal concern to wireless sensor networks (WSNs) that must operate for an extended period of time on limited power supplies such as batteries. Recent research shows that significant energy saving can be achieved in mobility-enabled wireless sensor networks (WSNs) that visit sensor nodes and collect data from […]

Self-Adaptive Contention Aware Routing Protocol For Intermittently Connected Mobile Networks

IEEE DOTNET based on MOBILE COMPUTING 2013 Abstract: The Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) paradigm [10] has attracted increased attention in the research and industrial community in recent years. Considering the constraints brought by mobility and resources, it is important for routing protocols to efficiently deliver data in intermittently connected mobile networks. Different from previous works that use the […]

Fuzzy Web Data Tables Integration Guided by an Ontological and Terminological Resource

IEEE DOTNET based on WEB MINING 2013 Abstract: Several anonymization techniques, such as generalization and bucketization, have been designed for privacy preserving microdata publishing. Recent work has shown that generalization loses considerable amount of information, especially for high dimensional data.Bucketization, on the other hand, does not prevent membership disclosure and does not apply for data that do not […]

Genetic Algorithm Based Optimization Approach For Energy Management

IEEE DOTNET based on WEB MINING 2013 Abstract: This brief evaluates the use of terrain, vehicle speed, and trip distance preview to increase the fuel economy of plug-in hybrid vehicles. Access to future information is classified into full, partial, or no future information and for each case an energy management strategy with the potential for a real-time implementation […]

How to Use Search Engine Optimization Techniques toIncrease WebsiteVisibility

IEEE DOTNET based on WEB MINING 2013 Abstract: Most explanations of the user behavior while interactingwith the web are based on a top-down approach, wherethe entire Web, viewed as a vast collection of pages and interconnectionlinks, is used to predict how the users interact withit. A prominent example of this approach is the random-surfermodel, the core ingredient behind […]