Technology and fashion are now joined together

Technology like 3D printing and vesture, as well as Smartphone apps like Instagram, have, below the radar, modify the way fashion is seen by consumers. Technology and fashion are now joined together, as technology has begun shaping fashion for the better. There has never been a time like this for students to capture a degree […]

Hints about mobile applications

A mobile app is a software program you can transfer a file and approaching straightly using your phone or another mobile device, like a tablet or music player. You need a smart phone or another mobile device with internet transfer. Not all apps work on all mobile devices. Once you buy a device, you’re perpetrating […]

Culturing of organs from stem cells

Some 16,000 diseased Americans are waiting to receive a liver homograft. But due to a shortage of viable livers, it’s likely that fewer than 7,000 transplants will be performed in 2013. In Japan, where the deficiency is worse, the number of people in need of new livers is 10 times as great as the number of […]

Self grouping of furniture and change its morphology using robots

A group of scientists in Switzerland is processing small robotic modules, called “roombots,” which fit together like LEGO bricks to form structures that can self-group and morphology into different shapes. The idea of drifting furniture may be somewhat displeasing, but the researchers imagine them being used to provide assistance to elderly or disabled people. “The idea of […]

Wireless external powering device used in rabbit

There’s electricity in the air. A rabbit’s beating heart has been controlled using a tiny pacemaker that beams in energy from outside its body. It is the first time this kind of wireless energy transfer has been incontestable in a living animal. If such wirelessly powered medical implants can work in people too, it would […]

Advanced supercapitors produce double amount of energy and power

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside have improved a novel nanometer scale ruthenium oxide anchored nanocarbon graphene foam architecture that improves the routine of supercapacitors, a development that could mean faster acceleration in electric vehicles and longer battery life in portable electronics. The researchers found that supercapacitors, an energy storage device like batteries and […]

Android smartphone Motorola Moto E

The Moto E is an Android smartphone developed and factory made by Motorola Mobility. Released in the consequence of its successful Moto G, the Moto E is an entry-level device that is motivated to compete against feature phones by conjunction a durable, low-cost device for first-time smartphone owners or budget-minded consumers, with a particular accent on emerging markets. The release of the Moto G, an […]

Revolutionary Nuclear fusion reactor not fire up until 2023

Nobody said it was going to be easy. After years of delays, work has finally proceeded on key components of ITER, the enterprising international project to build a revolutionary nuclear fusion reactor. ITER remains pertinacious by its own complexity, however, and its director general says that it may not now fire up until 2023  three years […]

Prevention of wide spread destruction using robots

The official cause of the blowup is unknown, but it is thought to have started with a flicker from electrical equipment that kindled coal dust or methane. The death toll is nearly 300, and dozens of people are still missing. While citizens in Turkey respond with angry protests, engineers around the world are working to prepare […]

New trendz in network timing and synchronization

Throughout history, wireless networks have used global positioning satellite (GPS) as the main timing source, since it can provide both frequency and time-of-day synchronization. But carriers now acknowledge its drawbacks, particularly as networks rely more on small cells for increased aount and capacity. Often, small cells setup at street level or indoors lack a direct […]