Covert Photo Classification by Fusing Image Features and Visual Attributes

In this paper, we study a novel problem of classifying covert photos, whose acquisition processes are intentionally concealed from the subjects being photographed. Covert photos are often privacy invasive and, if distributed over Internet, can cause serious consequences. Automatic identification of such photos, therefore, serves as an important initial step toward further privacy protection operations. […]

Energy-Efficient Fault-Tolerant Data Storage and Processing in Mobile Cloud

Despite the advances in hardware for hand-held mobile devices, resource-intensive applications (e.g., video and image storage and processing or map-reduce type) still remain off bounds since they require large computation and storage capabilities. Recent research has attempted to address these issues by employing remote servers, such as clouds and peer mobile devices. For mobile devices […]

Evaluating the Operational Retrieval and Downscaling of Urban Land Surface Temperatures

The Institute for Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications and Remote Sensing of the National Observatory (NOA/IAASARS) has developed a system that retrieves and downscales thermal remote sensing data obtained from Meteosat Second Generation-Spinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager (MSG-SEVIRI) in real time. This activity aims to facilitate the operational monitoring of the urban thermal environment by […]

Crosschecking Distributed Data to Detect Integer Overflow

This paper presents a strategy to improve the integer range analysis on networked programs by taking advantage of a key characteristic. The integer range analysis is one strategy to detect integer overflow occurrences in programs. Even though this analysis can be applied to networked programs as-is, the proposed approach aims at taking advantage of the […]

PCR-CTPP Design for Enzyme-Free SNP Genotyping Using Memetic Algorithm

In recent years, many single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have been successfully genotyped by polymerase chain reaction with confronting two-pair primers (PCR-CTPP). However, computation experiments of feasible CTPP primers are still challenging. The melting temperatures between four primers must be within a very narrow range, and many primer constraints need to be conformed to. PCR-CTPP is […]

A Survey of Multicasting over Wireless Access Networks

In this paper a survey of the research effort invested in the analysis of multicasting over wireless access networks from the late nineties onwards is presented. The analysis is dedicated although not limited to video multicasting both of live events and pre-stored video streaming. This investigation was not limited to a particular access network but […]

CacheSIM: A Web Cache Simulator Tool Based on Coloured Petri Nets and Java Programming

Efficient policies should be applied in order to decrease the document retrieval time on distributed systems, the network traffic, admission and content replacement for cache systems. Usually, proposed simulators that aim to select better policies have limitation. As an example, it’s difficult to create scenarios with multiple cache systems. Besides, frequently those simulators present a […]


Trust management is one of the most challenging issues for the adoption and growth of cloud computing. The highly dynamic, distributed, and non-transparent nature of cloud services introduces several challenging issues such as privacy, security, and availability. Preserving consumers’ privacy is not an easy task due to the sensitive information involved in the interactions between […]


The use of local prediction in difference expansion reversible watermarking provides very good results, but at the cost of computing for each pixel a least square predictor in a square block centered on the pixel. This correspondence investigates the reduction of the mathematical complexity by computing distinct predictors not for pixels, but for groups of […]


  A challenging and demanding task for the teachers and researchers in e-learning environments is the assessment of students’ performance. This paper is to present a new Learning analytics system for Learning Management Systems (LMS), that will aid and support teachers and researchers to understand and analyze interaction patterns and knowledge construction of the participants […]