A Family of Two-Switch Boosting Switched-Capacitor Converters

A family of “Two-Switch Boosting Switched-Capacitor Converters (TBSC)” is introduced, which distinguishes itself from the prior arts by symmetrically interleaved operation, reduced output ripple, low yet even voltage stress on components, and systematic expandability. Along with the topologies, a modeling method is formulated, which provokes the converter regulation method through duty cycle and frequency adjustment. […]

Programmable Surface cleaning robot using Blowers and Electromagnet.

A robot is an electro-mechanical device that can perform autonomous or preprogrammed tasks. A robot may act under the direct control of a human (eg. the robotic arm of the space shuttle) or autonomously under the control of a programmed computer. Robots may be used to perform tasks that are too dangerous or difficult for […]

Improving Web Navigation Usability by Comparing Actual and Anticipated Usage

We present a new method to identify navigation-related Web usability problems based on comparing actual and anticipated usage patterns. The actual usage patterns can be extracted from Web server logs routinely recorded for operational websites by first processing the log data to identify users, user sessions, and user task-oriented transactions, and then applying an usage […]

Wireless speech activated robot with artificial intelligent.

This paper presents a brief survey on Automatic Speech recognition and discusses the major themes and advances made in the past. After years of research and development the accuracy of automatic speech recognition remains one of the important research challenges. The design of speech Recognition system requires careful attentions the following issues: Definition of various […]

Are Data Sets Like Documents?: Evaluating Similarity-Based Ranked Search over Scientific Data

The past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of data captured and made available to scientists for research. This increase amplifies the difficulty scientists face in finding the data most relevant to their information needs. In prior work, we hypothesized that Information Retrieval-style ranked search can be applied to data sets to […]

Automatic Weed Detection System and Smart Herbicide Sprayer Robot for corn fields (Non-linear model predictive control for constrained robot navigation in row crops).

    In this system mobile wireless sensor network (MWSN) implementation is introduced, to monitor the safety conditions of workers employed in the building sector, in particular the exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays and micro dust particles. These people are potentially at risk to develop different pathologies related to environmental agents. Overexposition can cause DNA […]

Polarity Consistency Checking for Domain Independent Sentiment Dictionaries

Polarity classification of words is important for applications such as Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis. A number of sentiment word/sense dictionaries have been manually or (semi)automatically constructed. We notice that these sentiment dictionaries have numerous inaccuracies. Besides obvious instances, where the same word appears with different polarities in different dictionaries, the dictionaries exhibit complex cases […]

A Surveillance 3D Hand –Tracking based Tele-operated UGV.

Surveillance system is commonly established by using CCTV to collect image and video information in real time in distance. However, CCTV is high cost solution and hard to construct environments to every district, so we present low-cost solution with light sensor. Recently in, light strength in the city can contribute to reduce crime. In darkness, […]

Neural network control system for a tracked robot.

In this paper the designing of a tracked robot’s neural network control system is considered. The control system embodies a black line following algorithm, which is using two infrared reflector sensors for black line recognition. The neural network regulator is designed in Matlab/Simulink using the Real-Time Windows Target Toolbox. With the purpose of the neural […]

Embedded Wireless Data Acquisition system for unmanned vehicle in underwater environment.

Underwater robots can record data that is difficult for humans to gather. In recent years, robotic underwater vehicles have become useful for variety of industrial and civil sectors in exploring the water bodies. They are used extensively by the scientific community to study the ocean, fresh water & underwater environment. ZigBee is an efficient & […]