St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering

History St. Xavier’s Catholic College of Engineering has been managed by the Roman Catholic Bishop of Kuzhithurai Diocese, having bishop Jerome Dhas Varuvel, the bishop of kuzhithurai as the chairperson. It was established in 1998 by the Roman Catholic bishop of Diocese of Kottar. It is located 5 km west of main town Nagercoil. The […]

Arunachala College of Engineering for Women

About college                   Arunachala College of Engineering for Women its run by Thottam Madhavan Educational Trust. It is the best platform to improve the women’s career. It is the only Institution run by highly qualified Professionals in Kanyakumari District. The College campus is eco friendly and green.The college faculty members Friendly, Dedicated, Ready to help. The […]

Technique Helps to Take Picture Through Glasses

      In this recent trendy days everyone using smart phones and social media sites. All age groups people are into taking selfies and group pictures. Photographs are very important to save our every moment in our lives. we are taking pictures everywhere, but while taking picture through glass we won’t get a nice […]

Suit Helps Man to Overcome Disability

  Today I would like to present you the robotic suit that gives super strength and stamina to human just like a superman who lifts heavy things without any strain. Exoskeletons: the robotic wearable suits that can allow disabled people to walk, helps to troops move faster and carry heavier loads with less strain. This […]

My View About JIO SIM

  Recent day most of them talking about Jio sim.whats that and what’s the special in it .let me tell you guys about that. Some of you want to have new jio sim and few guys might be interested in knowing how to port in your existing mobile number to the network. First I would […]

Wireless Power Sharing Between Mobiles

    The recent research has given wonderful devices and technologies to us. In this smart phone world countless technologies are been launched and probably gives awesome options to do every essential things. We can share out picture, audio, video, voice call balance and data balance. But when comes to mobile, the severe problem for […]

Key through Smart phone

  Now this trendy world all things are became digitized and handled by smart ways like online ticket booking, bank accessing etc..In this series one of the famous hotel in new Delhi going to launch smart check-in technology. Through that we can check in hotel rooms. No need to wait front office for a key. […]

Batteries – We Can Eat

  Melanin is a material responsible for the creation of pigments .it is able to absorb ultraviolet light and can also bind and unbind metallic ions. We can use it as a part of battery. Few ingredients to create a mix that could be poured onto a steel mesh after adding sodium ions. As a […]

Technology to Solve Voice Disorder

    Speaking is more important than anything to human being but lot of people struggling to talk properly. 1 in 12 age group Indians suffer from voice disorders that are often associated with abnormal vocal behaviors, some of which can cause damage to vocal cord tissue and lead to the formation of nodules or […]

Wall throgh Peek Smart Phone

  Exciting things happen in our life everyday that makes our life in different dimension. Here we go, A latest smart phone with walabot sensor. This sensor lets people look through solid objects such as walls, wood kind of stuff like a superman. This technology works by emitting thousands of radio waves that bounce back […]