A Voltage Monitoring IC With HV Multiplexer and HV Transceiver for Battery Management Systems


This paper presents a voltage monitoring IC with high-voltage multiplexer (HVMUX) and HV transceiver for battery interconnect module (BIM) used in battery management systems (BMSs). The voltage monitoring IC must be able to accommodate input voltage up to tens of volts, perhaps even hundreds of volts, which is difficult to be realized using a logic-based solution. To realize a solution on silicon, the voltage monitoring IC shall be fabricated using an advanced HV semiconductor process, which usually is constrained by the voltage drop limitation between gate and source of HV devices. To overcome such a limitation, an HV switch is proposed in this paper, including an HV gate voltage driver (HVGVD) driving the HV MOS without any over-voltage hazard. In addition, an HV transceiver is proposed using CMOS transistors without any isolator. An experimental prototype is fabricated using a typical 0.25$mu{rm m}$ 1-poly 3-metal 60 V BCD process. The measurement results reveal that the error and off-isolation of HVMUX is less than 2.54% and ${-}{rm 92}~{rm dB}@1~{rm MHz}$ , respectively. Meanwhile, the HV transceiver can transmit and receive data with a ${-}32sim+32~{rm V}$ common voltage.