About Us

Real Time Live IEEE projects are a well known project training institute present in Kandanvilai, which is near to Monday market. We are involved in Design & Manufacture of all Electrical, Electronics, Mechanicals and all Computers based projects and all software projects in and around the country.

Beside our own products we also provide professional custom solutions using our enormous experience in hardware and software development. Outstanding team is most important in our project training institute. Our professionals hold years of experience and excellent knowledge about the industry. Our professionals are highly skilled at implementing our products and solutions, integrating and resolving technical issues as they arise. Round the clock they look after the production, R&D, customer service, maintenance and other departments. Each and every member of our team is poised to achieve absolute customer satisfaction.

The IEEE project training institute is well equipped with all infrastructures for Training, Production, Circuit Design, PCB Design and R&D with a dedicated team that enables Real Time Live IEEE projects to be the pioneer in the market.

We give you soft copies and software for the project and also guide you throughout the project session. Our team provides knowledge and expertise in training and implementation, project management, prototyping and product development to ensure optimal usage of our products.

We are providing the industry based training & guidance in the various engineering branches which includes

Electrical and Electronics
Electronics and communication
Instrumentation and control
Information and Technology
Computer Science

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