IEEE 2015 Oracle

Optimizating Emerging Nonvolatile Memories for Dual-Mode Applications: Data Storage and Key Generator

Memory-based physical unclonable functions (PUFs) have been studied and developed as powerful primitives to generate device-specific random keys, which can be used for various security applications. However, the existing memory-based PUFs need to safely buffer the data bits in the memory before it is used to produce random bits, resulting in additional area/energy consumption and […]

Constructing a Global Social Service Network for Better Quality of Web Service Discovery

Web services have had a tremendous impact on the Web for supporting a distributed service-based economy on a global scale. However, despite the outstanding progress, their uptake on a Web scale has been significantly less than initially anticipated. The isolation of services and the lack of social relationships among related services have been identified as […]

Raw Wind Data Preprocessing: A Data-Mining Approach

Wind energy integration research generally relies on complex sensors located at remote sites. The procedure for generating high-level synthetic information from databases containing large amounts of low-level data must therefore account for possible sensor failures and imperfect input data. The data input is highly sensitive to data quality. To address this problem, this paper presents […]

Progressive 3D Reconstruction of Planar-Faced Manifold Objects with DRF-Based Line Drawing Decomposition

This paper presents an approach for reconstructing polyhedral objects from single-view line drawings. Our approach separates a complex line drawing representing a manifold object into a series of simpler line drawings, based on the degree of reconstruction freedom (DRF). We then progressively reconstruct a complete 3D model from these simpler line drawings. Our experiments show […]

Algorithmic Specified Complexity in the Game of Life

Algorithmic specified complexity (ASC) measures the degree to which an object is meaningful. Neither fundamental Shannon nor Kolmogorov information models are equipped to do so. ASC uses performance context in an information theoretic framework to measure the degree of specified complexity in bits. To illustrate, we apply ASC to Conway’s Game of Life to differentiate […]

Socialite: An Efficient Graph Query Language Based on Datalog.

With the rise of social networks, large-scale graph analysis becomes increasingly important. Because SQL lacks the expressiveness and performance needed for graph algorithms, lower-level, general-purpose languages are often used instead. For greater ease of use and efficiency, we propose SociaLite, a high-level graph query language based on Datalog. As a logic programming language, Datalog allows […]

On the Security of A Privacy-Preserving Product Calculation Scheme

Recently, Jung and Li [1] propose a highly efficient privacy-preserving product calculation scheme without requiring secure communication channels. Then, they present secure approaches to solve several application problems using the product calculation protocol. In this work, we observe several security flawsin their privacy-preserving product calculation scheme and some application protocols. We show the security vulnerabilities […]