Power Electronics

A Family of Two-Switch Boosting Switched-Capacitor Converters

A family of “Two-Switch Boosting Switched-Capacitor Converters (TBSC)” is introduced, which distinguishes itself from the prior arts by symmetrically interleaved operation, reduced output ripple, low yet even voltage stress on components, and systematic expandability. Along with the topologies, a modeling method is formulated, which provokes the converter regulation method through duty cycle and frequency adjustment. […]

An Improved Single-Phase Active-Front-End Rectifier System for Use with Three- Phase Variable-Frequency Drives

In many rural areas, due to unavailability of three-phase ac power, three-phase variable-frequency drives (VFDs) are often required to operate from a single-phase ac source. Powering up three-phase VFDs from single-phase ac source requires addressing many issues: higher RMS value of input diode current, higher ripple voltage across the dc bus capacitor, higher peak input […]

A Family of Soft-Switching DC–DC Converters Based on a Phase-Shift-Controlled Active Boost Rectifier

High efficiency and high power density can be achieved with a dc-dc transformer by operating all the switches at a fixed 50% duty cycle. However, the output voltage of the dc-dc transformer cannot be regulated. Novel rectifiers named active boost rectifiers (ABRs) are proposed in this paper. Basically, an ABR is composed of a traditional […]

Hybrid Transformer ZVS/ZCS DC–DC Converter With Optimized Magnetics and Improved Power Devices Utilization for Photovoltaic Module Applications

This paper presents a nonisolated, high boost ratio dc-dc converter with the application for photovoltaic (PV) modules. The proposed converter utilizes a hybrid transformer to incorporate the resonant operation mode into a traditional high boost ratio active-clamp coupled-inductor pulse-width-modulation dc-dc converter, achieving zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) turn-on of active switches and zero-current-switching turn-off of diodes. As a […]

Small Signal Analysis And Design Of Active Droop Control Using Current Mode Equivalent Circuit Model

Active droop control is widely used in Voltage Regulators for microprocessing. Since a summed signal of the inductor current and the output voltage is fed back, the active droop control is interpreted as a special implementation of current mode control. However, in the conventional small signal model, the nonlinearity of the current feedback is not […]