Smart phones help in searching MH370

The recent event which really jerky thought to all countries in the earth is the missing of Malaysian Air flight.MH370 with227 passengers and 13 crew members on board is found with no crash debris or any other accidents. It happened about nine weeks before, but even still the search for the flight in continuation but […]

Give importance to vigilance in smart phones

Finger prints is formed by the impression left by the human finger or legs. These impressions are formed by the raised ridges in the epidermis. As this finger prints could be unique all individuals, the finger prints are used for the security purpose. Normally this finger prints can be firmed by dipping the thumb or […]

Optic fiber in linear asset

Fiber optic communication means communication which takes place through the optical fiber. The signals will be sent through the light rays in the fiber. So the light rays act as the carrier wave. The application of this optic fiber is in telecommunication, internet communication, and television signals. The process of communication through the fiber optics […]

Smart phones help in searching MH370

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Forget Plastics great demand in graphene

High quality, low cost transparent, conductive, flexible, chargeable, strongest, and thinnest is the features of graphene. It is not only the hardest material in the world but also one of the most pliable. M.I.T international team of researchers found that graphene could lead to the creation of quantum computers this will make a good future […]

Intelligent Human Brain designed by Brainy humans

Creating the prototype for the ideas in the imagination has become very common. Scientist does it even after tackling all the risk. The human brain which is formed from the evolution of brain in the mammals. This was possible after several growths in certain brain regions. That means that the human brain is formed by […]

Reduce power cuts at home by flushing the toilet

Scientists are doing more research for a sustainable power source. A team of researchers in South Korea figure out an idea for generating hydroelectricity. They figured out a way to turn the mechanical energy from flowing water into a sustainable energy source. In other words, your toilet flushes could help power your home. The researchers have […]

Improving solar cell efficiency

Solar cell is an electrical device which serves in converting light energy of the sun in to electrical energy. This process is done by the help of photo voltaic effect.  So solar cells are also known as the photovoltaic cells. The electrical energy will be formed depends up on the amount of light energy incident […]

Injecting micro chip inside Human body

Now injecting microchips inside the human body has become common and possible.  The chip is nothing but the integrated circuit. As it is very small it is named as microchip. These novel creations are now possible by great scientists. A group of scientist after so much of research has invented an implantable microchip capable of […]

Modernized Java memory model

The main advantages of java are multi threading and portability. Java is the first language to provide the memory model to programming languages. Java memory model manages the memory for the interaction of the threads in the process.  Threads are nothing but the smaller sequence of program instructions. If multiple threads are present in a […]