Key through Smart phone

  Now this trendy world all things are became digitized and handled by smart ways like online ticket booking, bank accessing etc..In this series one of the famous hotel in new Delhi going to launch smart check-in technology. Through that we can check in hotel rooms. No need to wait front office for a key. [...]

Batteries – We Can Eat

  Melanin is a material responsible for the creation of pigments .it is able to absorb ultraviolet light and can also bind and unbind metallic ions. We can use it as a part of battery. Few ingredients to create a mix that could be poured onto a steel mesh after adding sodium ions. As a [...]

Technology to Solve Voice Disorder

    Speaking is more important than anything to human being but lot of people struggling to talk properly. 1 in 12 age group Indians suffer from voice disorders that are often associated with abnormal vocal behaviors, some of which can cause damage to vocal cord tissue and lead to the formation of nodules or [...]

Wall throgh Peek Smart Phone

  Exciting things happen in our life everyday that makes our life in different dimension. Here we go, A latest smart phone with walabot sensor. This sensor lets people look through solid objects such as walls, wood kind of stuff like a superman. This technology works by emitting thousands of radio waves that bounce back [...]

Shirt Keeps Monitor Your Body

  Nowadays most of the people take care of their outer look, they doesn’t care about their inner body condition. They are doing workout to keep them fit. But doesn’t care about their inner body ability and capacity..for that people the ne tech shirt helps to keep fit both inner body and outer look These [...]

Smartband Child Game

    Now a day lot of game developing companies produce their games day by day..Some are good and some are bad. But very fewer games helps children to develop their skills. A new technology band would act as an awesome toy for children. This is actually an advanced piece of wearable technology that lets [...]

Mobile Screen Chrager

  Nowadays most of the smart phone users struggle with mobile charge issue since they accessing internet through mobile phone, the power reduced upnormally. So most of them facing this issues while they are out doors. So they couldn’t find any power source out there even if they bring their charger adapter along with them [...]

Smart Medicine Care Taker

Nowadays most of the peoples those who are under the medical attention couldn’t remember whether they take their pills on correct dose on that day while some have a hard time tracking whether their loved ones have already taken the necessary medicine.for solving this issue a new product was launched and its called pilldrill. This [...]

Interscatter Lens

  Now I’m going to present you the new milestones of interscatter technology. This technology helps you to communicate your essential devices by contact lens. Before that i have to say what interscater technology to you is Interscatter technology is that transforms wireless transmissions from one technology to another through air. Specifically, we knew that [...]

Techie Dress Invention

  Self-repairing material is not an entirely new concept, The material is a polyurethane base coated with micro-capsules that contain a liquid sealant that acts as a kind of glue. having been used in conjunction with substances such as metal. So it is possible to any kinda material.The answer of this question gives the first [...]