Instant SIM With Aadhar Verification

                                      [E-KYC] Bharti Airtel and Vodafonehas launched a new scheme e-KYC .they  are rolling out this service at their stores to help customers activate new SIMs instantly with Aadhaar number it will help to reduce activation [...]

Eye Wink Protection

    The Eye Lock Myris scanner helps us to lock and  unlock your work computer with our look. The small accessory uses a special camera that reads your iris, the colored part of your eye to grant access to your computer. This brings biometric security to home computers. The device plugs into a usb [...]

Duo Skin Control

  Modern technology temporary metallic tattoo that can be used to control your computer, smartphone and other connected devices.This tattoos enable anyone to create interfaces directly on their skin.This  tattoos called Duo Skin use layers of gold leaf.This act as a conductor and connect parts of a small, simple circuit. This new technology lets anyone [...]

Smart Pay Way

  The Fingopay system is currently being used by Visa Europe Collab and biometrics startup Sthaler. It uses the unique arrangement of veins and their systolic information in the finger to recognise the individual. This is recognised using near infrared light so need to give finger prints. One most powerful advantages of this technology is [...]

Known And Unknown Facts Of Wireless Keyboard

    A wireless keyboard is just like a regular keyboard that is not connected to your computer by any cables. Instead of that wireless keyboards use either radio waves or infrared laser technology to connect to a wireless adapter that is plugged into the computer’s USB port.So its handy stuff of most of the [...]

Food And Techie Life

Now a days People are getting generous interested in what they are eating and does not care about whether its good for their health or not ,Reading a food label will tell you only so much. Some foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, for instance don’t have ingredient labels.In this modern world, food labels would [...]

Drunken Tattoos

    In India, any person consume alcohol while driving, alcohol exceeding 30 mg per 100 ml. of blood as detected in a test by a Breath Analyzer, or being under the influence of a drug to such an extent as to be incapable of exercising proper control over the vehicle, is liable to be [...]


  Eyes is precious boon for humans..Through that we can see everything..Those eyes helps us to prevent from almost every dangers from our life..Nowadays the modern technology used those eyes to prevent from cyper crimes ..lets we see that technology Eye Tracking Eye tracking is a process of data collecting using either a remote or [...]

New Milestone Technology Made For Give Pleasures To Smart Watch Users

Most of the people using smart watches now a days…that looks cool and trendy..but main uncomfortable stuff is it’s  screen size..Since it was too small by finger gestures..but brainy guys figure out  awesome solution for this stuff..That is skin track technology.. Most of you guys minds has popping out a doubt like what is skin [...]

Spam Against Phones

 Sending of unsolicited ads to cellphones and pagers via text messaging,Multi media calls Bluetooth on phones provide another door for receiving spam… Scam calls are in a form of fraud activity with the goal of stealing  our money or our information. Like email scams, phone scams often present a bargain for merchandise, or something [...]