Bugs around security tools for software developers

  For software programmers, security tools are analytic software that can scan or run their code to expose vulnerabilities long before the software goes to market. But these tools can have shortcomings, and programmers don’t always use them. New research from National Science Foundation-funded computer science researcher Emerson Murphy-Hill and his colleagues tackles three different [...]

Pokemon vs Children

  It’s the game that’s taking the world by storm, but is Pokémon Go really OK for kids to play? Here’s what you need to know If your kids are fans of Pokémon, you’re probably familiar with the phrase, “Gotta catch ’em all.” Well, that mantra has never been truer with the release of a [...]

How to Use Live Streaming Video to Build Your Product

How to Use Live Streaming Video to Build Your Product        One of the concepts behind building a strong product is that, when brands and consumers come together, something “cool” happens: they create a powerful experience where both of their needs are met. Strong brands give their customers what they need to feel special, [...]

Optimizing Cost for Online Social Networks on Geo-Distributed Clouds

Abstract Geo-distributed clouds provide an intriguing platform to deploy online social network (OSN) services. To leverage the potential of clouds, a major concern of OSN providers is optimizing the monetary cost spent in using cloud resources while considering other important requirements, including providing satisfactory quality of service (QoS) and data availability to OSN users. In [...]

Appele Talk vs current Netwoork

AppleTalk is a network operating system designed to connect Apple computers. Its components are built on Macintosh operating systems. There are two main versions of AppleTalk depending on how many years in the past the network was implemented, Phase 1 and Phase 2. Phase 2 is the current installation as of about 2002.It designed and [...]

Z-TCAM An SRAM-based Architecture for TCAM

Ternary Content Addressable Memories (TCAMs) perform high-speed lookup operation but when compared with static random access memories (SRAMs), TCAMs have certain limitations such as low storage density, relatively slow access time, low scalability, complex circuitry, and are very expensive. Thus we formed a new architecture called Z-TCAM, which emulates the TCAM functionality with SRAM. Z-TCAM [...]

Advanced photovoltaic cell irradiance sensor using neural networks

Abstract •Measuring solar irradiance allows for direct maximization of the efficiency in photovoltaic power plants. However, devices for solar irradiance sensing, such as pyranometers and pyrheliometers, are expensive and difficult to calibrate and thus seldom utilized in photovoltaic power plants. Indirect methods are instead implemented in order to maximize efficiency.This system proposes a novel approach for solar [...]

Framework for Dynamic Equivalencing of Large Power Systems Using Phasor Measurements

Aim ØApproach of analyzing power system functionalities in steady-state, and instead pay serious attention to their dynamic characteristics, and that too in a global or wide-area sense. ØConstruct simplified inter area models of large power networks Existing System }Synchronize over a slower time-scale. }Fast local oscillations in each area that not only increase the computational time Proposed [...]

A Family of Two-Switch Boosting Switched-Capacitor Converters

A family of “Two-Switch Boosting Switched-Capacitor Converters (TBSC)” is introduced, which distinguishes itself from the prior arts by symmetrically interleaved operation, reduced output ripple, low yet even voltage stress on components, and systematic expandability. Along with the topologies, a modeling method is formulated, which provokes the converter regulation method through duty cycle and frequency adjustment. [...]

Programmable Surface cleaning robot using Blowers and Electromagnet.

A robot is an electro-mechanical device that can perform autonomous or preprogrammed tasks. A robot may act under the direct control of a human (eg. the robotic arm of the space shuttle) or autonomously under the control of a programmed computer. Robots may be used to perform tasks that are too dangerous or difficult for [...]