Neural network control system for a tracked robot.

In this paper the designing of a tracked robot’s neural network control system is considered. The control system embodies a black line following algorithm, which is using two infrared reflector sensors for black line recognition. The neural network regulator is designed in Matlab/Simulink using the Real-Time Windows Target Toolbox. With the purpose of the neural [...]

Embedded Wireless Data Acquisition system for unmanned vehicle in underwater environment.

Underwater robots can record data that is difficult for humans to gather. In recent years, robotic underwater vehicles have become useful for variety of industrial and civil sectors in exploring the water bodies. They are used extensively by the scientific community to study the ocean, fresh water & underwater environment. ZigBee is an efficient & [...]

Water management system using dynamic IP based Embedded Webserver in real time.

Water is need of life. In co-operative society, office and likewise system require water supply every day. Such system management of water supply using dynamic IP based Embedded Webserver (EWS) is presented in this paper. In current era of networking, to maintain EWS with static Internet Protocol (IP) is costly and difficult to manage. Novel [...]

A low cost M2M architecture for Intelligent Public transit(Bus Ticketing).

The paper proposes a system which focuses on enhancing the usability and productivity of existing bus transportation system in Indian cities. The technology has a role to play for completion of the goal by means of providing an effective solution by establishing a wireless communication network in the city. The paper introduces a framework as [...]

An Attribute-Assisted Reranking Model for Web Image Search

Image search reranking is an effective approach to refine the text-based image search result. Most existing reranking approaches are based on low-level visual features. In this paper, we propose to exploit semantic attributes for image search reranking. Based on the classifiers for all the predefined attributes, each image is represented by an attribute feature consisting [...]

User-friendly monitoring system for residential PV system based on low-cost power line communication (PLC).

A photovoltaic (PV) system has been widely deployed in residential areas to reduce energy cost. However, it is not monitored in detail or managed in a user-friendly manner in many cases. Therefore, a PV monitoring system needs to provide both detailed monitoring of each PV module and a user-friendly way of access to the monitored [...]

A Zigbee-Based Animal health monitoring system.

An animal health monitoring system for monitoring the physiological parameters, such as rumination, body temperature, and heart rate with surrounding temperature and humidity, has been developed. The developed system can also analyze the stress level corresponding to thermal humidity index. The IEEE802.15.4 and IEEE1451.2 standards-based sensor module has been developed successfully. The Zigbee device and [...]

Personal Lung Function Monitoring Devices for Asthma Patients

Asthma affects over 300 million people worldwide. Asthmatics experience difficulty in breathing and airflow obstruction caused by inflammation and constriction of the airways. Home monitoring of lung function is the preferred course of action to give physicians and asthma patients a chance to control the disease jointly. Thus, it is important to develop accurate and [...]

A Low-Cost and Noninvasive System for the Measurement and Detection of Faulty Streetlights.

Badly lit roads lead to vehicle accidents and encourage crime. Therefore, it is important to rapidly detect and report faulty streetlights (FSLs) to the relevant authorities to keep roads safe. Currently, communities primarily depend on electrical inspectors to check streetlights regularly, which may result in long and unnecessary delays prior to repair. Recent studies have [...]

Snap n’ shop: Visual search-based mobile shopping made a breeze by machine and crowd intelligence

The increasing popularity of smartphones has significantly changed the way we live. Today’s powerful mobile systems provide us with all kinds of convenient services. Thanks to the wide variety of available apps, it has never been so easy for people to shop, to navigate, and to communicate with others. However, for some tasks we can [...]