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  • IEEE Java Projects

    Real time surveillance security, Networks,
    Server perfomance, Image processing,
    Distributed networks, Cloud computing,
    Visual cryptography, Mobile computing,
    Information security, Network security,
    Wireless sensor network, Grid computing,
    Artificial intelligence, Neural networks,
    Intrusion detection systems, Data mining,
    Computation & data security, Web mining,
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  • IEEE Matlab Projects

    Information / multimedia forensics
    Artificial neural network
    Digital image processing
    Embedded system
    Surveillance & security system
    Intelligient transportation
    Real time applications
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  • IEEE Embedded Projects

    Wireless systems,Bio-metric systems
    Radio frequency systems
    Energy management systems
    real time application systems

    IEEE NS 2 Projects

    Network security,Protocol analysis
    Location tracking,Wi-fi network
    Multicast routing,Vanet network
    Quality of service,
    Application projects. java, dotnet ,php
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  • IEEE Dotnet Projects

    Knowledge & data engineering,
    Information security, Cloud computing,
    Distributed networking,
    Secure transmission, Networks,
    Neural networks, Web mining,
    Image processing, Video processing,
    Mobile computing, Network security,
    Dependable and secure computing,
    Signal processing, Data mining,
    Check out FAQ which will answer all your questions

  • IEEE Android Projects

    Cloud computing, Surveillance
    Web mining, Real time application

    IEEE IPhone Projects

    Performance tuning, Web mining
    Digital visualization, Networks
    Image processing, Text mining
    Video processing, Data mining
    Mobile computing, Network security
    Dependable and secure computing
    Signal processing
    Check out FAQ which will answer all your questions

                                 Embedded Projects 2014

I. Embedded

1 Microcontroller based Humidity and Temperature Remote Sensing .
2 Barcode Based Employee Attendance Maintence System .
3 Automatic Traffic Camera Control for vehicle breaking Traffic rules .
4 Simple Low-Cost Digital code Lock .
5 Finger print based bank Locker System .
6 Automatic School Bell with User Defined Time Schedule Using I2C Protocol .
7 Real Time Implementation of Electronic Voting Machine .
8 Design of 1-Wire Digital Thermometer & Inter Integrated Circuit I2C Protocol using RTC .
9 Consumer Interactive Shopping System .
10 A Blueprint Design for Elephant Incursion Prevention on Railway Lines Through Fuzzy Controlled Pressure Sensor and Active Radio networks .
11 The Use of Location Based Services for Very fast Precise Accidents Reporting and Locating .
12 Automatic Traffic Control System Having An Interactive Emergency Vehicle Warning System .
13 Adding New function to the Remote Airfield Lighting System .
14 Design And Assessment of An Online Passenger Information System for Integrated Multimode Trip Planning .
15 Optical Data Transfer between Computer and A Microcontroller Via Fiber Optic Communication .
16 Real Time monitoring and Pre-Alarm System for Dangerous mountains in Railway line .
17 Using an RFID Technology to Develop an Attendance System and avoid Traffic congestion Around Kindergartens .
18 Using an RFID Technology to Develop an Attendance System and avoid Traffic congestion Around Kindergartens .
19 Surveillance System For Railways .
20 Traffic Violation System using Embedded System .
21 Digital Weather Station with Data Storage System Using PIC Microcontroller .
22 Development of Reliability Test Guidelines For Micro Electro Mechanical System in Military Application. .
23 Design and development of weather Monitoring Flying machine .
24 Design and Development of fire detection flying machine in Deep Forest .

II. Wireless

1 RFID based Banking System .
2 Multi Storage Vehicle Car Parking Infrared with PIC Microcontroller .
3 Prototype of Unmanned Railway gate controller .
4 Two gate Interlock for Toll Tax .
5 A testing method for PIR detectors system .
6 The Application of Zigbee Wireless Technology for monitoring Mine Safety Systems .
7 RF based Human Movement Monitoring .
8 Bus fare pay system for passengers .
9 RFID enabled voter id .
10 RFID based Reservation System .
11 RFID based Ration card .
12 Wireless Electronic Notice board with Multi point Receivers using Zigbee communication System .
13 A design of a prototypic Hand-Talk: Assistive Technology for the Dump .
14 Automatic traffic signal controller .
15 The Electronic Passport and the Future Government Issued RFID based Identification .
16 An Airport security system using wireless technology .
17 Wireless serial data Synchronization Methodology for Secure Money Transaction system using configurable Embedded Designs .
18 Manual guided Vehicles using Wireless Technology .
19 RFID based Tracking of anaesthologist and patient time .
20 Implementation of tsunami alert system using Wireless technology .
21 Electronic seal and Method of Shipping container tracking .
22 Using RFID tags for tracking patients, charts and Medical equipments within an integrated health delivery network .
23 Implementation of moving person detection using RFID .
24 Real time implementation of Mapping and Localization using RFID Technology .
25 RF based Smart ticketing system .
26 Real time implementation of RF based Toll gate system .
27 An advanced transportation system for bus passenger information using RF technology .
28 High Performance Speed control of Vehicle using Multi zone RF technology .
29 Real time Implementation of bag tracking system for airport .
30 Soldier Tracking System using GPS and GSM Modem .
31 Wireless Petroleum Level Sensor using RF Communication .
32 Wireless Electrical Apparatus Controlling System using Bluetooth Communication .
33 Enhancing user Experience at Museums using Smart Phones with RFID .
34 Design of Sight spot Ticket Management system Based on RFID .
35 An Adaptive Hands-Free Technique for Mobile Communication Systems .
36 Secured PC to PC communication using RF Communication .
37 RFID based Banking System .
38 Wireless Temperature Monitoring on Remote Display .
39 Real Time Implementation of peek to peek network source for improved Railway Controller application Programming using GSM call devices .
40 RFID Based Book Tracking System for Libraries .
41 GSM based acknowledge system for Students Attendance to Parents .
42 Wireless Data Encryption and Decryption for Secured Communication using RF .
43 Design and implementation of Short Message Query System for Academic Office .
44 RF based data Retrieving System .
45 RF based House Security System .
46 Boarding School Students Monitoring System using Radio Frequency Identification .

VIII. Security

1 Design of Hardware Lock for Software Developer to prevent piracy of Software using Embedded Technology .
2 Radio Frequency identification system based on banking system .
3 A Multi agent Multi Sensor based Security system for Intelligent Building .
4 Intelligent Guard alert System .
5 Finger Print based Banking System .
6 Finger Print based Library System .
7 Finger Print based Door Opening and Closing System .
8 Finger print based Lift opening System .
9 The Science of Secrecy with hiding techniques for vignere cipher text algorithm using Zigbee technology .
10 The Science of Secrecy with hiding techniques for vignere cipher text algorithm using Zigbee technology .
11 Secure Vehicle theft Detection .
12 Luggage Security System .
13 Intelligent Vehicle Theft Identification System .
14 Anti- Theft alert and Auto Arresting system for Museums and Jewellery Shops .
15 Embedded Home Security System .
16 A personal Identification Methodology for Automobile Precautions and Number Plate Recognition using Radio ID Transmissions .
17 The Design of structural sustainable Multi-Stage Weapon sharing and Authenticated Defense Protocol System using Encrypted Radio Transmissions .
18 RFID based Access Control Security System .
19 The Design of structural sustainable Multi-Stage Weapon sharing and Authenticated Defense Protocol System using Encrypted Radio Transmissions .
20 GSM based car Engine Control Implementation to stop car theft .
21 Finger Print Based Voting System for Rigging free governing System .
22 GPS vehicle theft identification and tracking and control system .
23 Design and Implementation of Anti-Theft Alarm for Bikes .
24 Embedded password Based Security Door Lock System using I2C Protocol .
25 Anti-Bag-Snatching Alarm .
26 Integrated critical real time applications for ATM security system. .

X. Electrical

1 Automatic Power Control System for Industries .
2 Time operated Electrical appliance controlling system .
3 Temperature based fan Speed Control using Microcontroller .
4 Wireless Electrical Appliances control system in Plant using IR Communication .
5 Power Grid control System using GSM Modem .
6 Power Distribution System Monitoring and Control using GSM Modem .
7 Power plant monitoring & control system by Implementing SCADA .
8 Real time Implementation of Automatic Night Lamp with Morning Alarm .
9 Real time Implementation of Mobile cell phone charger .
10 Embedded Prepaid Energy Meter using PIC Microcontroller .
11 Embedded Street Light control with LDR interfacing using PIC Microcontroller .
12 Artificial Intelligent Solar Power Generation .
13 Industrial Energy Saver .
14 Digital Energy Meter with auto Limiting of Load .
15 Former friendly Solar based electric fencer for rural agriculture .
16 Microcontroller based Solar tracking system using Stepper Motor .
17 PC based DC Motor Speed Controller .
18 Over-/Under-Voltage Protection of Electrical Appliances .
19 Stabilized Power Supply with Short Circuit Indication .
20 Design and Implementation of energy Meter using Microcontroller .
21 Auto Power Theft detector using Embedded System .
22 Intelligent Energy saving system. .
23 Real time Automation of Irrigation system for Social Modernization of Indian A agriculture System .
24 Intelligent Automatic Control System for indian agricultural System .
25 Advanced Mobile Technology For Energy Management Audit of Commerical Application .

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