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Bio-Medical Applications

Non-invasive measurement of stress levels in knee implants using a magnetic-based detection method(IEEE 2016).


Telemonitoring System for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Undergoing Peritoneal Dialysis (Portable Kidney Machines).(IEEE 2016).


Benefits of using a voice and EMG-driven actuated glove to support occupational therapy for stroke survivors. (IEEE 2016).


An NFC-Enabled CMOS IC for a Wireless Fully Implantable Glucose Sensor (IEEE 2016).


Temporal Pattern Recognition in Gait Activities Recorded with a Footprint Imaging Sensor System (IEEE 2016).


Analysis of Oscillatory Neural Activity in Series Network Models of Parkinson s Disease During Deep Brain Stimulation (IEEE 2016).


Model for Personalization of mHealth Systems for Monitoring Patients with Chronic Diseases(IEEE 2016).


OB CITY–Definition of a Family-Based Intervention for Childhood Obesity Supported by Information and Communication Technologies (IEEE 2016).


A Self-Calibrating Radar Sensor System for Measuring Vital Signs.(IEEE 2016).