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Cyber Physical System

Wearable Heart Rate Sensor Systems for Wireless Canine Health Monitoring.IEEE 2016).


Analysis and Control of Multi-Phase Inductively Coupled Resonant Converter for Wireless Electric Vehicle Charger Applications. (IEEE 2016).


A Dual-Channel, Interference-free, Bacteria-Based Biosensor for Highly-Sensitive Water Quality Monitoring. (IEEE 2016).


Modeling Mobile Ticket Dispenser System with Impatient Clerk(IEEE 2016).


Transport models and intelligent transportation system to support urban evacuation planning process (School Children Transportation safety). (IEEE 2016).


Maintenance Scheduling of Volt-VAR Control Assets in Smart Distribution Networks Using Advanced Metering Infrastructure (IEEE 2016).


An Adaptive Impedance Matching System for Vehicular Power Line Communication.(IEEE 2016).


Soft Actuation: Smart Home and Office with Human-in-the-Loop.(IEEE 2016).