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BSN-Care: A Secure IoT-based Modern Healthcare System Using Body Sensor Network. (IEEE 2016).


Smart Pollution Monitoring for Instituting Aware Traveling.(IEEE 2016).


Low Power Wearable Systems for Continuous Monitoring of Environment and Health for Chronic Respiratory Disease. (IEEE 2016).


Autonomous Channel Switching: Towards Efficient Spectrum Sharing for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks(IEEE 2016).


An Optimal and Learning-Based Demand response and Home Energy Management System.(IEEE 2016).


Design of Automated Irrigation System based on Field sensing and forecasting. (IEEE 2016).


A Tri-Beam Dog-Bone Resonant Sensor with High-Q in Liquid for Disposable Test-Strip Detection of Analyze Droplet (Saline droplet measurement system). (IEEE 2016).