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Mobile Application for Creating Presence Lists(IEEE 2017).


Combining University Student Self-regulated Learning Indicators and Engagement with Online Learning Events to Predict Academic Performance (IEEE 2017).


Remote Sensing in Multirisk Assessment (IEEE 2017).


Definition of a Online to Offline (O2O) System to Support the Individualized Management and Treatment Strategies for Overall Asthma Control (IEEE 2017).


A Panorama-based Book Searching Service for Libraries (IEEE 2017).


Estimation of Passenger Route Choice Pattern Using Smart Card Data for Complex Metro Systems (IEEE 2017).


Mobile Augmented Reality Survey: From Where We Are to Where We Go (IEEE 2017).


Automatic Chinese Factual Question Generation (IEEE 2017).


Smart Parking Guidance,Monitoring and Reservations: A Review (IEEE 2017).


Orientation and Displacement Detection for Smartphone Device Based IMUs (IEEE 2017).


Optimal Pick up Point Selection for Effective Ride Sharing(IEEE 2017).


Privacy-Preserving Learning Analytics: Challenges and Techniques (IEEE 2017).


Embedding Spatio-temporal Information into Maps by Route-Zooming(IEEE 2017).