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Data mining

A Nonlinear Blind Identification Approach to Modeling of Diabetic Patients (IEEE 2016).


Personalized Influential Topic Search via Social Network Summarization (IEEE 2016).


Incremental-and-Static-Combined Scheme for Matrix-Factorization-Based Collaborative Filtering (IEEE 2016).


Using Hash tag Graph-based Topic Model to Connect Semantically-related Words without Co-occurrence in Micro blogs (IEEE 2016).


C Miner: Opinion Extraction and Summarization for Chinese Micro blogs (IEEE 2016).


Embedded system

Tactile Manipulation With a TacThumb Integrated on the Open-Hand M2 Gripper(IEEE 2016).


Design and Implementation of Interoperable IoT Healthcare System Based on International Standards (IEEE 2016).


Signal-Level Information Fusion for Less Constrained Iris Recognition Using Sparse-Error Low Rank Matrix Factorization(IEEE 2016).


CDA Generation and Integration for Health Information Exchange Based on Cloud Computing System (IEEE 2016).


Web mining

Domain-Sensitive Recommendation with User-Item Subgroup Analysis (IEEE 2016).


TargetVue: Visual Analysis of Anomalous User Behaviors in Online Communication Systems(IEEE 2016).


Identification of Type2 Diabetes Risk Factors using Phenotypes Consisting of Anthropometry and Triglycerides based on Machine Learning(IEEE 2016).


Adaptive Parameter Estimation of Blood Pressure Dynamics Subject to Vasoactive Drug Infusion (IEEE 2016).


Multimodal Impact Analysis of an Airside Catastrophic Event: A Case Study of the Asiana Crash (IEEE 2016).