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Handheld Mobile Computers

Smart phone-based peak expiratory flow meter. (IEEE 2016).


UR-SolarCap: An Open Source Intelligent Auto-Wakeup Solar Energy Harvesting System forSupercapacitor-Based Energy Buffering. (IEEE 2016).


AutoDietary: A Wearable Acoustic Sensor System for Food Intake Recognition in Daily Life.(IEEE 2016).


Market Basket Analysis using Association Rule Learning (Snap & Shop). (IEEE 2016).


Heart Rate Tracking using Wrist-Type Photoplethysmographic (PPG) Signals during Physical Exercise with Simultaneous Accelerometry(IEEE 2016).


An RFID based Smartphone Proximity Absence Alert System. (IEEE 2016).


Infant Security Systems for Hospitals Using IBEACON (IEEE 2016).


Wearable Noncontact Armband for Mobile ECG Monitoring System (IEEE 2016).


Bio-Medical Applications

Temporal Pattern Recognition in Gait Activities Recorded with a Footprint Imaging Sensor System (IEEE 2016).


OB CITY–Definition of a Family-Based Intervention for Childhood Obesity Supported by Information and Communication Technologies (IEEE 2016).


Benefits of using a voice and EMG-driven actuated glove to support occupational therapy for stroke survivors. (IEEE 2016).


Analysis of Oscillatory Neural Activity in Series Network Models of Parkinson s Disease During Deep Brain Stimulation (IEEE 2016).


Non-invasive measurement of stress levels in knee implants using a magnetic-based detection method(IEEE 2016).


A Self-Calibrating Radar Sensor System for Measuring Vital Signs.(IEEE 2016).


An NFC-Enabled CMOS IC for a Wireless Fully Implantable Glucose Sensor (IEEE 2016).


Model for Personalization of mHealth Systems for Monitoring Patients with Chronic Diseases(IEEE 2016).


Telemonitoring System for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease Undergoing Peritoneal Dialysis (Portable Kidney Machines).(IEEE 2016).


Cyber Physical System

Modeling Mobile Ticket Dispenser System with Impatient Clerk(IEEE 2016).


An Adaptive Impedance Matching System for Vehicular Power Line Communication.(IEEE 2016).


Analysis and Control of Multi-Phase Inductively Coupled Resonant Converter for Wireless Electric Vehicle Charger Applications. (IEEE 2016).


Transport models and intelligent transportation system to support urban evacuation planning process (School Children Transportation safety). (IEEE 2016).


Soft Actuation: Smart Home and Office with Human-in-the-Loop.(IEEE 2016).


A Dual-Channel, Interference-free, Bacteria-Based Biosensor for Highly-Sensitive Water Quality Monitoring. (IEEE 2016).


Maintenance Scheduling of Volt-VAR Control Assets in Smart Distribution Networks Using Advanced Metering Infrastructure (IEEE 2016).


Wearable Heart Rate Sensor Systems for Wireless Canine Health Monitoring.IEEE 2016).


Robotic Vehicle

Design and development of a climbing robot for several applications.(IEEE 2016).


Learning Physical Collaborative Robot Behaviors from Human Demonstrations.(IEEE 2016).


Autonomous Data Collection with Limited Time for Underwater Vehicles (IEEE 2016).


Visual Servoing of Quadrotors for Perching by Hanging from Cylindrical Objects.(IEEE 2016).


Control of a Wheelchair in an Indoor Environment Based on a Brain-Computer Interface and Automated Navigation. (IEEE 2016).


Robust Trajectory Tracking Error-Based Model Predictive Control for Unmanned Ground Vehicles.(IEEE2016).


Head Movement Controlled Wheel Chair Using MEMS Sensors(IEEE 2016).


Ubiouitous Computers

Using Distributed Wearable Sensors to Measure and Evaluate Human Lower Limb Motions. (IEEE 2016).


Energy Optimization Study of Rural Deep Well Two-Stage Water Supply Pumping Station(Sewage Treatment).(IEEE 2016).


Electrical Impedance Sensor for Real-Time Detection of Bovine Milk Adulteration (IEEE 2016).


Analysis and Modeling of Selected Energy Consumption Factors for Embedded ECG Devices (Fault detector unit). (IEEE 2016).


A Blind-Zone Detection Method Using a Rear-Mounted Fisheye Camera with Combination of Vehicle Detection Methods (IEEE 2016).


Modeling Healthcare Quality via Compact Representations of Electronic Health Records.(IEEE 2016).


Active RFID and ESP8266 based Child Monitoring System. (IEEE 2016).


Railway Track Circuit Fault Diagnosis Using Recurrent Neural Networks (condition monitoring for railway industry). (IEEE 2016).


Microwave Sensing of Quality Attributes of Agricultural and Food Products.(IEEE 2016).


Energy-Sensitive Production Control

Power comparison of MPPT techniques for solar system. (IEEE 2016).


Wind turbine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis in China. (IE EE 2016).


A Flexible Piezoelectric-Pyroelectric Hybrid Nanogenerator Based on P(VDF-TrFE) Nanowire Array (IEEE 2016).


Challenges and Perspectives in Tandem Thermoelectric–Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion. (IEEE 2016).


MAS-Based Energy Management Strategies for a Hybrid Energy Generation System (Designing of an optimized building integrated hybrid energy generation system). (IEEE 2016).


Security And Access Control

An Active Safety System for Low-Speed Bus Braking Assistance (IEEE 2016).


A Multisensor Technique for Gesture Recognition Through Intelligent Skeletal Pose Analysis (IEEE 2016).


Software-Defined Industrial Internet of Things in the Context of Industry 4.0. (IEEE 2016).



AADHAR based Electronic Voting Machine using Arduino (Automatic Voting Machine).(IEEE 2016).


Comparative Study and Simulation of Digital Forensic Tools. (IEEE 2016).


Effects of Automated Teller Machine on the Performance of Nigerian Banks.(IEEE 2016).



BSN-Care: A Secure IoT-based Modern Healthcare System Using Body Sensor Network. (IEEE 2016).


Autonomous Channel Switching: Towards Efficient Spectrum Sharing for Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks(IEEE 2016).


A Tri-Beam Dog-Bone Resonant Sensor with High-Q in Liquid for Disposable Test-Strip Detection of Analyze Droplet (Saline droplet measurement system). (IEEE 2016).


Smart Pollution Monitoring for Instituting Aware Traveling.(IEEE 2016).


An Optimal and Learning-Based Demand response and Home Energy Management System.(IEEE 2016).


Low Power Wearable Systems for Continuous Monitoring of Environment and Health for Chronic Respiratory Disease. (IEEE 2016).


Design of Automated Irrigation System based on Field sensing and forecasting. (IEEE 2016).


Transportation System

Three stage Toll Gate Alarming Mechanism on Road Highways. (IEEE 2016).


Distratto: Impaired Driving Detection Using Textile Sensors. (IEEE 2016).


A Survey of Vision-Based Traffic Monitoring of Road Intersections (Travolution). (IEEE 2016).


Solving the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem under Traffic Congestion (congestion control,ambulance clearance, and stolen vehicle detection). (IEEE 2016).


Access Control Application using Android Smartphone, Arduino and Bluetooth (remote controlled vehicle based on Intel Galileo Platform). (IEEE 2016).


Connected Vehicles for Intelligent Transportation Systems. (IEEE 2016).


Internet Of Things(IOT)

Black Box Anomaly Detection in Multi-Cloud Environment. (IEEE 2016).


Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics for Smart and Connected Communities (IEEE 2016).


DB-based Repository Design for IoT generated RFID/Sensor Big Data- Supply Chain Management. (IEEE 2016).


Front-End Intelligence for Large-Scale Application-Oriented Internet-of-Things. (IEEE 2016).


E-Waste Management: Save Earth. (IEEE 2016).


Using Smart Edge IoT Devices for Safer, Rapid Response with Industry IoT Control Operations- Manufacturing. (IEEE 2016).


Enabling Synergy in IoT: Platform to Service and Beyond- Heterogeneous Company Infrastructure (IEEE 2016).


Geo-spatial Location Spoofing Detection for Internet of Things. (IEEE 2016).


Virtual Reality

Air-touch User Interface with High Touch Accuracy on Flat-concave dual-mirror projector(IEEE 2016).


Cyberphysical System with Virtual Reality for Intelligent Motion Recognition and Training (IEEE 2016).


Cognitive Load Measurement in a Virtual Reality-based Driving System for Autism Intervention (IEEE 2016).


Computer Vision And Image Processing

Diabetic foot ulcer assessment through the aid of smart phone. (IEEE 2016).


MIGS-GPU: Microarray Image Gridding and Segmentation on the GPU. (IEEE 2016).


Daytime Preceding Vehicle Brake Light Detection Using Monocular Vision. (IEEE 2016).


Robust Cell Detection of Histopathological Brain Tumor Images Using Sparse Reconstruction and Adaptive Dictionary Selection(IEEE 2016).


Automatic Constraint Detection for Layout Regularization. (IEEE 2016).


Onboard fuzzy logic approach to active fire detection in Brazilian amazon forest.(IEEE 2016).


Fusion of quantitative image and genomic biomarkers to improve prognosis assessment of early stage lung cancer patients (IEEE 2016).


Catalogue of Hybrid Video Watermarking Techniques (IEEE 2016).


Human-Machine Interface

Visual-Attention Based background modeling for Detecting Infrequently Moving Objects.(IEEE 2016).


Automatic Ear Landmark Localization, Segmentation & Pose Classification in Range Images. (IEEE 2016).


A High-Efficiency and High-Speed Gain Intervention Refinement Filter for Haze Removal (IEEE 2016).


Statistical Hypothesis Detector for Abnormal Event Detection in Crowded Scenes. IEEE 2016).


Architecting And Construction

Smart City Wireless Connectivity Considerations and Cost Analysis: Lessons Learnt From Smart Water Case Studies(IEEE 2016).


Detection of Inner Corrosion of Steel Construction Using Magnetic Resistance Sensor and Magnetic Spectroscopy Analysis (IEEE 2016).


Soil Structure Interaction of Tall Buildings (IEEE 2016).


Sensing and Decision-Making in Cyber-Physical Systems: The Case of Structural Event Monitoring (IEEE 2016).


A Survey on Rapidly Deployable Solutions for Post-Disaster Networks. (IEEE 2016).


Automatic Crack Detection and Measurement Based on Image Analysis. (IEEE 2016).


Automated Crack Detection on Concrete Bridges. (IEEE 2016).



Teaching Introductory Robotics Programming: Learning to Program with National Instruments LabVIEW. (IEEE 2016).


EEG Acquisition and Processing for Cognitive Brain Mapping During Chess Problem Solving (IEEE 2016).


The puzzle of police body cams. (IEEE 2016).


Raspberry PI

The tactile internet: vision, recent progress, and open challenges (IEEE 2016).


Smart Home Automation: A Literature Review. (IEEE 2016).


Multi-Directional Multi-Level Dual-Cross Patterns for Robust Face Recognition.(IEEE 2016).


Smart Precision based Agriculture using Sensors (IEEE 2016).


Early Scavenger Dimensioning in Wireless Industrial Monitoring Applications(IEEE 2016).