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Ultralow-Energy Variation-Aware Design: Adder Architecture Study


Low-Energy Power-ON-Reset Circuit for Dual Supply SRAM


A High-Speed FPGA Implementation of an RSD-Based ECC Processor


A Fast-Acquisition All-Digital Delay-Locked Loop Using a Starting-Bit Prediction Algorithm for the Successive-Approximation Register


A Single-Stage Low-Dropout Regulator With a Wide Dynamic Range for Generic Applications


One-Cycle Correction of Timing Errors in Pipelines With Standard Clocked Elements


An Efficient Single and Double-Adjacent Error Correcting Parallel Decoder for the (24,12) Extended Golay Code


Low-Power/Cost RNS Comparison via Partitioning the Dynamic Range


Graph-Based Transistor Network Generation Method for Supergate Design


An Add-On Type Real-Time Jitter Tolerance Enhancer for Digital Communication Receivers


A High-Throughput Hardware Design of a One-Dimensional SPIHT Algorithm


A Normal I/O Order Radix-2 FFT Architecture to Process Twin Data Streams for MIMO


A Performance Degradation Tolerable Cache Design by Exploiting Memory Hierarchies


Source Code Error Detection in High-Level Synthesis Functional Verification


Process Variation Delay and Congestion Aware Routing Algorithm for Asynchronous NoC Design


A Systematic Design Methodology of Asynchronous SAR AD


Code Compression for Embedded Systems Using Separated Dictionaries


Trigger-Centric Loop Mapping on CGRAs


Design of Silicon Photonic Interconnect ICs in 65-nm CMOS Technology


A 520k (18 900, 17 010) Array Dispersion LDPC Decoder Architectures for NAND-Flash Memory


PROCEED: A Pareto Optimization-Based Circuit-Level Evaluator for Emerging Devices


FCUDA-NoC : A Scalable and Efficient Network-on-Chip Implementation for the CUDA-to-FPGA Flow


A High-Performance FIR Filter Architecture for Fixed and Reconfigurable Applications


Speculative Look ahead for Energy-Efficient Microprocessors


A Configurable Parallel Hardware Architecture for Efficient Integral Histogram Image Computing


A New Optimal Algorithm for Energy Saving in Embedded System With Multiple Sleep Modes


A Robust Energy/Area-Efficient Forwarded-Clock Receiver With All-Digital Clock and Data Recovery in 28-nm CMOS for High-Density Interconnects


RF Power Gating: A Low-Power Technique for Adaptive Radios


A Novel Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata X-bit ×32-bit SRAM


A Low-Power Robust Easily Cascaded PentaMTJ-Based Combinational and Sequential Circuits


Low-Power FPGA Design Using Memoization-Based Approximate Computing


Floating-Point Butterfly Architecture Based on Binary Signed-Digit Representation


Incorporating Process Variations Into SRAM Electromigration Reliability Assessment Using Atomic Flux Divergence


A Mixed-Decimation MDF Architecture for Radix-2K Parallel FFT


Memory-Aware Loop Mapping on Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architectures


A Low-Power Broad-Bandwidth Noise Cancellation VLSI Circuit Design for In-Ear Headphones


High-Performance NB-LDPC Decoder With Reduction of Message Exchange


Designing Tunable Subthreshold Logic Circuits Using Adaptive Feedback Equalization


Flexible ECC Management for Low-Cost Transient Error Protection of Last-Level Caches


Unequal-Error-Protection Error Correction Codes for the Embedded Memories in Digital Signal Processors


Efficient Synchronization for Distributed Embedded Multiprocessors


Low-Power System for Detection of Symptomatic Patterns in Audio Biological Signals


An All-Digital Approach to Supply Noise Cancellation in Digital Phase-Locked Loop


Frequency-Boost Jitter Reduction for Voltage-Controlled Ring Oscillators


High-Speed and Energy-Efficient Carry Skip Adder Operating Under a Wide Range of Supply Voltage Levels


Design of Modified Second-Order Frequency Transformations Based Variable Digital Filters With Large Cutoff Frequency Range and Improved Transition Band Characteristics


Glitch Energy Reduction and SFDR Enhancement Techniques for Low-Power Binary-Weighted Current-Steering DAC


Hardware and Energy-Efficient Stochastic LU Decomposition Scheme for MIMO Receivers


Concept, Design, and Implementation of Reconfigurable CORDIC


Design of a Network of Digital Sensor Macros for Extracting Power Supply Noise Profile in SoCs


Flexible DSP Accelerator Architecture Exploiting Carry-Save Arithmetic


SRAM-Based Unique Chip Identifier Techniques


Network-on-Chip for Turbo Decoders


Design and FPGA Implementation of a Reconfigurable 1024-Channel Channelization Architecture for SDR Application


Knowledge-Based Neural Network Model for FPGA Logical Architecture Development


A Single-Ended With Dynamic Feedback Control 8T Subthreshold SRAM Cell


A Fully Digital Front-End Architecture for ECG Acquisition System With 0.5 V Supply


A Fast Fault-Tolerant Architecture for Sauvola Local Image Thresholding Algorithm Using Stochastic Computing


Full-Swing Local Bitline SRAM Architecture Based on the 22-nm FinFET Technology for Low-Voltage Operation


Low-Power ECG-Based Processor for Predicting Ventricular Arrhythmia


Toward Solving Multichannel RF-SoC Integration Issues Through Digital Fractional Division


Read Bit line Sensing and Fast Local Write-Back Techniques in Hierarchical Bitline Architecture for Ultralow-Voltage SRAMs


A Dynamically Reconfigurable Multi-ASIP Architecture for Multi-standard and Multimode Turbo Decoding


Area-Aware Cache Update Trackers for Post silicon Validation


Test Escapes of Stuck-Open Faults Caused by Parasitic Capacitances and Leakage Currents


Implementing Minimum-Energy-Point Systems With Adaptive Logic


Design of a CMOS System-on-Chip for Passive, Near-Field Ultrasonic Energy Harvesting and Back-Telemetry


Optimized Built-In Self-Repair for Multiple Memories


Fault Tolerant Parallel FFTs Using Error Correction Codes and Parseval Checks


A Real-Time Network-on-Chip Architecture With an Efficient GALS Implementation


A New Binary-Halved Clustering Method and ERT Processor for ASSR System


GPU-Accelerated Parallel Sparse LU Factorization Method for Fast Circuit Analysis


Low-Power Variation-Tolerant Nonvolatile Lookup Table Design


Low-Power Split-Radix FFT Processors Using Radix-2 Butterfly Units


On Efficient Retiming of Fixed-Point Circuits


EMDBAM: A Low-Power Dual Bit Associative Memory with Match Error and Mask Control


Algorithm and Architecture of Configurable Joint Detection and Decoding for MIMO Wireless Communications With Convolution Codes


A New CDMA Encoding/Decoding Method for on-Chip Communication Network


A 3-D CPU-FPGA-DRAM Hybrid Architecture for Low-Power Computation


LUT Optimization for Distributed Arithmetic-Based Block Least Mean Square Adaptive Filter


Dual-Calibration Technique for Improving Static Linearity of Thermometer DACs for I/O


Source Coding and Preemphasis for Double-Edged Pulse width Modulation Serial Communication


A High Throughput List Decoder Architecture for Polar Codes


NAND Flash Memory With Multiple Page Sizes for High-Performance Storage Devices


In-Field Test for Permanent Faults in FIFO Buffers of NoC Routers


Write Buffer-Oriented Energy Reduction in the L1 Data Cache for Embedded Systems


High-Speed, Low-Power, and Highly Reliable Frequency Multiplier for DLL-Based Clock Generator


A 0.52/1 V Fast Lock-in ADPLL for Supporting Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling


Fixed-Point Computing Element Design for Transcendental Functions and Primary Operations in Speech Processing


Integrated Floating-Gate Programming Environment for System-Level ICs


Hybrid LUT/Multiplexer FPGA Logic Architectures


Power Efficient Level Shifter for 16 nm FinFET Near Threshold Circuits


Understanding the Relation Between the Performance and Reliability of NAND Flash/SCM Hybrid Solid-State Drive


A Cellular Network Architecture With Polynomial Weight Functions


Enhanced Wear-Rate Leveling for PRAM Lifetime Improvement Considering Process Variation


Input-Based Dynamic Reconfiguration of Approximate Arithmetic Units for Video Encoding


Energy-Efficient Floating-Point MFCC Extraction Architecture for Speech Recognition Systems


OTA-Based Logarithmic Circuit for Arbitrary Input Signal and Its Application


Low-Cost High-Performance VLSI Architecture for Montgomery Modular Multiplication


Efficiency Enablers of Lightweight SDR for MIMO Baseband Processing


A 0.1–3.5-GHz Duty-Cycle Measurement and Correction Technique in 130-nm CMOS


A New Parallel VLSI Architecture for Real-Time Electrical Capacitance Tomography


Error Resilient and Energy Efficient MRF Message-Passing-Based Stereo Matching


Online Measurement of Degradation Due to Bias Temperature Instability in SRAMs


Design and Implementation of High-Speed All-Pass Transformation-Based Variable Digital Filters by Breaking the Dependence of Operating Frequency on Filter Order


PEVA: A Page Endurance Variance Aware Strategy for the Lifetime Extension of NAND Flash


Statistical Framework and Built-In Self Speed-Binning System for Speed Binning Using On-Chip Ring Oscillators


High-Performance Pipelined Architecture of Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication Over GF(2m)


A Fast-Transient Wide-Voltage-Range Digital-Controlled Buck Converter With Cycle-Controlled DPWM


Measuring Improvement When Using HUB Formats to Implement Floating-Point Systems Under Round-to-Nearest


Exploiting Intracell Bit-Error Characteristics to Improve Min-Sum LDPC Decoding for MLC NAND Flash-Based Storage in Mobile Device


Efficient Dynamic Virtual Channel Organization and Architecture for NoC Systems


The VLSI Architecture of a Highly Efficient De-blocking Filter for HEVC Systems


2016 VLSI Project