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Artificial intelligence

Counting Apples and Oranges with Deep Learning: A Data Driven Approach (IEEE 2017).


Cloud Computing

A critical overview of latest challenges and solutions of Mobile CloudComputing Systems (IEEE 2017).


An Economical and SLO-Guaranteed Cloud Storage Service across Multiple Cloud Service Providers (IEEE 2017).


A Collaborative Key Management Protocol in Ciphertext Policy Attribute-Based Encryption for Cloud Data Sharing (IEEE 2017).


Privacy protection based access control scheme in cloud-based services (IEEE 2017).


Minimum-Cost Cloud Storage Service across Multiple Cloud Providers (IEEE 2017)


Evaluating the accessibility, usability and security of Hospitals websites: An exploratory study Computing System (IEEE 2017).


Efficient Public Verification of Data Integrity for Cloud Storage Systems from IndistinguishabilityObfuscation Public Cloud (IEEE 2017).


Attribute-Based Storage Supporting Secure Deduplication of Encrypted Data in Cloud (IEEE2017).


Temporal Factor-aware Video Affective Analysis and Recommendation for Cyber-based Social Media Multimedia Big Data in Social Networks (IEEE 2017).


Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Top-k Similarity Search Over Encrypted Data (IEEE 2017).


Data mining

Topological Approach to Symbolic Pole-Zero Extraction Incorporating Design Knowledge (IEEE 2017).


Mining the Most Influential k-Location Set From Massive Trajectories (IEEE 2017).


Novelty Indicator for Enhanced Prioritization of Predicted Gene Ontology Annotations(IEEE 2017).


Energy-Efficient Query Processing in Web Search Engines (IEEE 2017).


Learning Multi-instance Deep Discriminative Patterns for Image Classification (IEEE 2017).


Distributed networks

Performance Analysis of RCI Precoding with Pilot Contamination in Finite Massive MIMO System (IEEE 2017).


Energy-Aware Concurrent Multipath Transfer for Real-Time Video Streaming over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks Heterogeneous Wireless Networks (IEEE 2017).


Scheduling and Power Allocation for Hybrid Access Cognitive Femtocells Femtocell Networks (IEEE 2017).


Shaping LDLC Lattices Using Convolutional Code Lattices (IEEE 2017).


Coded Caching for Multi-level Popularity and Access Delivery Networks (IEEE 2017).


Information security

High-Fidelity Reversible Data Hiding Using Directionally-Enclosed PredictionModulation (IEEE 2017).


Improved reversible data hiding for encrypted images using full embedding strategy (IEEE 2017).


Assessing the Feasibility of the Use of Video Motion Magnification for Measuring Microdisplacements (IEEE 2017).


Image processing

Single-View 3D Scene Reconstruction and Parsing by attribute Grammar (IEEE 2017).


Robust Non-rigid Point Set Registration Using Spatially Constrained Gaussian Fields (IEEE 2017).


Mixture of Gaussian Blur Kernel Representation for Blind Image Restoration (IEEE 2017).


Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction for High-Density 3D Single-Molecule Microscopy Variation (IEEE 2017).


Intrusion detection systems

Event-based Fault Detection Filtering for Complex Networked Jump Systems (IEEE 2017).


Space-Time Approach for Disturbance Detection and Classification (IEEE 2017).


A Hierarchical Detection and Response System to Enhance Security against Lethal Cyber-Attacks in UAV Networks (IEEE 2017).


Towards a framework for cyber-attack impact analysis of electric cyber physical systems Systems (IEEE 2017).



Achieve Secure Handover Session Key Management via Mobile Relay in LTE-Advanced Networks Networks (IEEE 2017).


Uncertain Data Clustering in Distributed Peer-to-Peer Networks (IEEE 2017).


A Coalition Formation Game for Distributed Node Clustering in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks taxonomy (IEEE 2017).


Estimation and Control of Quality of Service in Demand Dispatch flexible optical networks (IEEE 2017).


Network security

On the Security of a Class of Diffusion Mechanisms for Image Encryption Risk (IEEE 2017).


Real-Time Distributed Control of Battery Energy Storage Systems for Security Constrained DC-OPF Security (IEEE 2017).


Location Privacy Preservation in Database-driven Wireless Cognitive Networks through Encrypted Probabilistic Data Structures (IEEE 2017).


On the Secrecy Capacity Region of the 2-user Symmetric Z Interference Channel with Unidirectional Transmitter Cooperation (IEEE 2017).


FACT: A Framework for Authentication in Cloud-based IP Traceback (IEEE 2017).


Visual cryptography

Compact Hash Codes for Efficient Visual Descriptors Retrieval in Large Scale Databases (IEEE 2017).


Web mining

Two-Stage Friend Recommendation Based on Network Alignment and Series-Expansion of Probabilistic Topic Model (IEEE 2017).


Opinion Dynamics-Based Group Recommender Systems blogging Information (IEEE 2017).


Analysis of users behaviour in structured e-commerce websites (IEEE 2017).


Identifying Objective and Subjective Words via Topic Modeling (IEEE 2017).


Multiple Instance Learning for Behavioral Coding (IEEE 2017).


Personal Web Revisitation by Context and Content Keywords with Relevance Feedback (IEEE 2017).


Using Semantic Similarity in Crawling-based Web Application Testing (IEEE 2017).


Learning Supervised Topic Models for Classification and Regression from Crowds Classification (IEEE 2017).


Analyzing Sentiments in One Go: A Supervised Joint Topic Modeling Approach (IEEE 2017).


Joint Feature Selection and Classification for MultilabelLearning (IEEE 2017).


Wireless sensor network

Energy Arrival-aware Detection Threshold in Wireless-Powered Cognitive Radio Networks Networks(IEEE 2017).


A Novel Approximation for Multi-Hop Connected Clustering Problem in Wireless Networks (IEEE 2017).


Consensus of Multiagent Systems Subject to Partially Accessible and Overlapping Markovian Network Topologies radio multi-channel wireless mesh networks (IEEE 2017).


Reliable and Secure End-to-End Data Aggregation Using Secret Sharing in WSNs Networks (IEEE 2017).


DTD: A Novel Double-Track Approach to Clone Detection for RFID-enabled Supply Chains Networks (IEEE 2017).


Near Optimal Data Gathering in Rechargeable Sensor Networks with a Mobile Sink (IEEE 2017).


Web Services Tests

Online QoS Prediction for Runtime Service Adaptation via Adaptive Matrix Factorization Network Map (IEEE2017).


Monitoring Elastically Adaptive Multi-Cloud Services (IEEE 2017).


An Overview on XML Semantic Disambiguation from Unstructured Text to Semi-Structured Data: Background, Applications, and Ongoing Challenges Testing (IEEE 2017).


FastGeo: Efficient Geometric Range Queries on Encrypted Spatial Data Encrypted Cloud Data (IEEE 2017).


Two-factor Data Access Control with Efficient Revocation for Multi-authority Cloud Storage Systems Services (IEEE 2017).


survillance & Security System

Recognition of image-orientation-based iris spoofing Low Rank Matrix Factorization (IEEE 2017).


Object-Based Video Coding by Visual Saliency and Temporal Correlation (IEEE 2017).


Design and Implementation of a Tactile Stimulation Device to Increase Auditory Discrimination Gripper (IEEE 2017).


Bootstrap Application

FRoDO: Fraud Resilient Device for Off-Line Micro-Payments (IEEE 2017).


The Novel Group Approach for Virtual Learning Environments with Video Annotations (IEEE 2017).


Connecting Social Media to E-Commerce: Cold-Start Product Recommendation Using Micro blogging Information (IEEE 2017).


Neural Networks

A Kinect-Based Wearable Face Recognition System to Aid Visually Impaired Users (IEEE 2017).


Unconstrained Face Recognition Using A Set-to-Set Distance Measure on Deep Learned Features (IEEE 2017).