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Current Error Compensation for DC-DC Converters in DCM.(IEEE 2017).


A Quasi-Resonant Current-Fed Converter With Minimum Switching Losses. (IEEE 2017).


High Light-Load Efficiency Power Conversion Scheme Using Integrated Bidirectional Buck Converter for Paralleled Server Power Supplies.(IEEE 2017).


Control of Active Power Exchange With Auxiliary Power Loop in a Si ngle-Phase Cascaded Multilevel Converter-Based Energy Storage System.(IEEE 2017)


Cascaded High-Voltage-Gain Bidirectional Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converters for Distributed Energy Resources Applications.(IEEE 2017).


A Dual-Buck-Boost AC/DC Converter for DC Nanogrid with Three Terminal Outputs. (IEEE 2017).


Dual-Bridge LLC Resonant Converter with Fixed-Frequency PWM Control for Wide Input Applications.(IEEE 2017).


A Sensitivity-Improved PFM LLC Resonant Full-Bridge DC-DC Converter with LC Antiresonant Circuitry. (IEEE 2017).


High-Efficiency Asymmetric Forward-Fly back Converter for Wide Output Power Range.(IEEE 2017).


Digital Sensor less Current Mode Control Based on Charge Balance Principle and Dual Current Error Compensation for DC-DC Converters in DCM.(IEEE 2017).


A Fault-Tolerant Series-Resonant DC-DC Converter.(IEEE 2017).


Feed-Forward-based Control in a DC-DC Converter of Asymmetric Multistage-Stacked Boost Architecture.(IEEE 2017).


A Three-Level Space Vector Modulation Scheme for Paralleled Converters to Reduce Circulating Current and Common-Mode Voltage. (IEEE 2017).


Optimal Design of Complex Switched-Capacitor Converters via Energy-Flow-Path Analysis.(IEEE 2017).


Power Factor Correction Conversion

Parameter Design of a Novel Series-Parallel-Resonant LCL Filter for Single-Phase Half- Bridge Active Power Filters (IEEE 2017).


A Method for the Suppression of Fluctuations in the Neutral-Point Potential of a Three- Level NPC Inverter with a Capacitor-Voltage Loop(IEEE 2017).


A Single-Switch AC-DC LED Driver Based on a Boost-Fly back PFC Converter with Lossless Snubber.(IEEE 2017).



Feedback Control Strategy to Eliminate the Input Current Harmonics of Matrix Converter under Unbalanced Input Voltages. (IEEE 2017).


Maximum Boost Control of Diode-Assisted Buck-Boost Voltage-Source Inverter with Minimum Switching Frequency.(IEEE 2017).


A Unified Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation for Dual Two-level Inverter System. (IEEE 2017).


Model Predictive Control of Capacitor Voltage Balancing for Cascaded Modular DC-DC Converters. (IEEE 2017).