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Data mining

Learning to Extract Action Descriptions from Narrative Text


Predicting Social Emotions from Readers Perspective (IEEE 2017).


Queuing-Recommendation in a Big Data Environment (IEEE 2017).


Collaborative Filtering-Based Recommendation of Online Social Voting Filtering (IEEE 2017).


Real-Time or Near Real-Time Persisting Daily Healthcare Data into HDFS and ElasticSearch Index inside a Big Data Platform (IEEE 2017).


A Health Decision Support System for Disease Diagnosis based on Wearable Medical Sensors and Machine Learning Ensembles (IEEE 2017).


Web mining

Statistical Features Based Real-time Detection of Drifted Twitter Spam (IEEE 2017).


On Distributed Fuzzy Decision Trees for Big Data (IEEE 2017).


Improving Performance of Heterogeneous MapReduce Clusters with Adaptive Task Tuning (IEEE 2017).


Studying the Scope of Negation for Spanish Sentiment Analysis on Twitter (IEEE 2017).


Sorting of Fully Homomorphic Encrypted Cloud Data: Can Partitioning be effective? (IEEE 2017).


Internet Of Things(IOT)

Geo-Spatial Location Estimation for Internet of Things (IoT) Networks with One-Way Time-of-Arrival via Stochastic Censoring (IEEE 2017).


Effects of Visual Feedback on Out-of-Body Illusory Tactile Sensation When Interacting With Augmented Virtual Objects (IEEE 2017).


Dynamic Pricing, Scheduling and Energy Management for Profit Maximization in PHEV Charging Stations Pricing (IEEE 2017).


An IoT Endpoint System-on-Chip for Secure and Energy-Efficient Near-Sensor Analytics (IEEE 2017).


Design and Implementation of a Cloud Enabled Random Neural Network based Decentralized Smart Controller with intelligent sensor nodes for HVAC (IEEE 2017).


Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics for Smart and Connected Communities (IEEE 2017).


Live Data Analytics with Collaborative Edge and Cloud Processing in Wireless IoT Networks (IEEE 2017).


Loss Identification in a Double Rotor Electrical Variable Transmission (IEEE 2017).


Optimal Strategy Selection for Moving Target Defense Based on Markov Game (IEEE 2017).


Challenges and Opportunities of Waste Management in IoT-enabled Smart Cities: A Survey (IEEE 2017).