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Artificial intelligence

Efficient Clue-based Route Search on Road Networks (IEEE 2017).


Facial Expression Recognition in Video with Multiple Feature Fusion(IEEE 2017).


An Energy-efficient Speech Extraction Processor for Robust User Speech Recognition in Mobile Head-mounted Display Systems (IEEE 2017).


Cloud Computing

Fast Phrase Search for Encrypted Cloud Storage (IEEE 2017).


A Probabilistic Mechanism Design for Online Auctions(IEEE 2017).


An Online Auction Mechanism for Dynamic Virtual Cluster Provisioning in Geo-Distributed Clouds (IEEE 2017).


Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Top-k Similarity Search Over Encrypted Data (IEEE 2017).


Dynamic Outsourced Auditing Services for Cloud Storage Based on Batch-Leaves- Authenticated Merkle Hash Tree (IEEE 2017).


Efficient Secure Outsourcing of Large-scale Sparse Linear Systems of Equations (IEEE 2017).


Data mining

Recommendation Generation Using Typicality Based Collaborative Filtering(IEEE 2017).


A Mobility Analytical Framework for Big Mobile Data in Densely Populated Area (IEEE 2017).


Keyword Search on Temporal Graphs(IEEE 2017).


Information security

Efficient Joint Encryption and Data Hiding Algorithm for Medical Images Security(IEEE 2017).


Soft Biometrics: Globally Coherent Solutions for Hair Segmentation and Style Recognition based on Hierarchical MRFs (IEEE 2017).


A Software Agent Enabled Biometric Security Algorithm for Secure File Access in Consumer Storage Devices (IEEE 2017).


Image processing

Segmentation- and Annotation-Free License Plate Recognition With Deep Localization and Failure Identification (IEEE 2017).


Performance Evaluation of Visual Tracking Algorithms on Video Sequences With Quality Degradation (IEEE 2017).


Facial Expression Recognition in Video with Multiple Feature Fusion (IEEE 2017).



An Efficient Strategy for Online Performance Monitoring of Datacenters via Adaptive Sampling(IEEE 2017).


Cooperative Jamming Aided Secrecy Enhancement in P2P Communications with Social Interaction Constraints(IEEE 2017).


Network security

Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Using Reformed JPEG Compression (IEEE 2017).


ProGuard: Detecting Malicious Accounts in Social-Network-Based Online Promotions(IEEE 2017).


An adaptive tri-pixel unit stenography algorithm using the least two significant bits (IEEE 2017).


Secure transmission

QoS Dependency Modeling for Composite Systems (IEEE 2017).


An Agent-based Integrated Self-evolving Service Composition Approach in Networked Environments(IEEE 2017).


Visual cryptography

Research on the Security of Microsoft�s Two-layer Captcha(IEEE 2017).


Web mining

Image Re-ranking based on Topic Diversity(IEEE 2017).


A Survey of Heterogeneous Information Network Analysis(IEEE 2017).


Rating Credits of Online Merchants Using Negative Ranks(IEEE 2017).


Big Data

Query-Based Learning for Dynamic Particle Swarm Optimization (IEEE 2017).


Adaptive Clustering for Dynamic IoT Data Streams(IEEE 2017).


On Stock Trading Via Feedback Control When Underlying Stock Returns Are Discontinuous(IEEE 2017).


Bio-medical & Image Mining

Localization of Wireless Capsule Endoscope: A Systematic Review (IEEE 2017).


Comparison Of Brain Tumor Mri Classification Methods Using Probabilis Tic Features (IEEE 2017).


Mobile Application

Understanding the Physical Safety, Security, and Privacy Concerns of People with Visual Impairments (IEEE 2017).


A Mobility Analytical Framework for Big Mobile Data in Densely Populated Area (IEEE 2017).


Internet Of Things(IOT)

Unsupervised Gesture Segmentation by Motion Detection of a Real-Time Data Stream (IEEE 2017).


A Fuzzy Model-based Integration Framework for Vision-based Intelligent Surveillance Systems (IEEE 2017).


Learning communities in social networks and their relationship with the MOOCs (IEEE 2017).