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Cloud Computing

A Cloud-based Java Compiler for Smart Devices (IEEE 2017).


Who are Your


Cluster based Zoning of Crime Info(IEEE 2017).


Cooperative Simultaneous Localization and Mapping by Exploiting Multipath Propagation (IEEE 2017).


Fast Phrase Search for Encrypted Cloud Storage (IEEE 2017).


Data mining

Integration of Ant Colony Optimization and Object-Based Analysis for LiDAR Data Classification (IEEE 2017).


The Development of a Thin-Filmed, Non-Invasive Tissue Perfusion Sensor to Quantify Capillary Pressure Occlusion of Explanted Organs (IEEE 2017).


Transient Analysis of Serial Production Lines with Perishable Products: Bernoulli Reliability Model(IEEE 2017).


A Multiple-Voting-Based Decoding Algorithm for Nonbinary LDPC-Coded Modulation Systems (IEEE 2017).


Thai Finger-Spelling Sign Language Recognition Using Global and Local Features with SVM


Pay-Cloak: A Biometric Back Cover for Smartphones (IEEE 2017).


A new displaying technology for information hiding using temporally brightness modulated pattern (IEEE 2017).


Image processing

The Reconnection of Contour Lines from Scanned Color Images of Topographical Maps Based on GPU Implementation (IEEE 2017).


Real time applications

Automatic Chinese Factual Question Generation (IEEE 2017).


Remote Sensing in Multirisk Assessment (IEEE 2017).


Optimal Pick up Point Selection for Effective Ride Sharing(IEEE 2017).


Estimation of Passenger Route Choice Pattern Using Smart Card Data for Complex Metro Systems (IEEE 2017).


Mobile Application for Creating Presence Lists(IEEE 2017).


Smart Parking Guidance,Monitoring and Reservations: A Review (IEEE 2017).


Definition of a Online to Offline (O2O) System to Support the Individualized Management and Treatment Strategies for Overall Asthma Control (IEEE 2017).


Privacy-Preserving Learning Analytics: Challenges and Techniques (IEEE 2017).


Mobile Augmented Reality Survey: From Where We Are to Where We Go (IEEE 2017).


Combining University Student Self-regulated Learning Indicators and Engagement with Online Learning Events to Predict Academic Performance (IEEE 2017).


Orientation and Displacement Detection for Smartphone Device Based IMUs (IEEE 2017).


A Panorama-based Book Searching Service for Libraries (IEEE 2017).


Embedding Spatio-temporal Information into Maps by Route-Zooming(IEEE 2017).



A Smartphone Application for Location Recording and Rescue Request Using Twitter.(IEEE 2017).


Video Anomaly Detection with Compact Feature Sets for Online Performance(IEEE 2017).


Empowering vehicle tracking in a cluttered environment with adaptive cellular automata suitable to intelligent transportation systems (IEEE 2017).


Health and rescue services management system during a crisis event (IEEE 2017).


Visualizing Anomalous Activity in the Movement of Critical Infrastructure Employees (IEEE 2017).


Web Servic

A System for Profiling and Monitoring Database Access Patterns by Application Programs for Anomaly Detection (IEEE 2017).



Performance Modeling of Cloud Apps Using Message Queueing as a Service(MaaS) (IEEE 2017).


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