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Network security

An Intelligent Firewall agent design against Network Attacks(IEEE 2017).


A Game-theoretic Approach toFake-Acknowledgment Attack on Cyber-PhysicalSystems(IEEE 2017).


Resilience of DoS Attacks in DesigningAnonymous User Authentication Protocol forWireless Sensor Networks(IEEE 2017).


Protocol analysis

Quality of Service for MANET based Smart cities (IEEE 2017).


Low Power Wide Area Network Analysis: Can LoRa Scale?(IEEE 2017).



TEEM: Trust-based Energy-Ef?cient DistributedMonitoring for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (IEEE 2017).


Routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks using SocialTie Strengths and Mobility Plans (IEEE 2017).


CRCMD&R: Cluster and Reputation basedCooperative Malicious Node Detection & Removal Scheme in MANETs (IEEE 2017).



Research on Trust Sensing based Secure RoutingMechanism for Wireless Sensor Network(IEEE 2017).


A Wireless Sensor Network Border MonitoringSystem: Deployment Issues and Routing Protocols (IEEE 2017).



The Energy-Aware Controller Placement Problem inSoftware De?ned Networks(IEEE 2017).


Line Switch: Tackling Control Plane SaturationAttacks in Software-De?ned Networking(IEEE 2017).



Analysis of the IEEE 802.11 EDCFscheme for broadcast traf?c:Application for VANETs(IEEE 2017).


Weighted Priority Based Signatures BatchVerification Scheme in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (IEEE 2017).


Distributed Aggregate Privacy-PreservingAuthentication in VANETs (IEEE 2017).


Body Area Networks

Secure and Energy-Ef?cient Data TransmissionSystem Based on Chaotic CompressiveSensing in Body-to-Body Networks (IEEE 2017).


Cost-Effective Mapping Between Wireless BodyArea Networks and Cloud Service Providers Based on Multi-Stage Bargaining (IEEE 2017).


Underwater Sensor Networks

Scheduling Battery-Powered Sensor Networks forMinimizing Detection Delays (IEEE 2017).


Water Ingress Detection in Low-Pressure Gas Pipelines Using Distributed Temperature Sensing System(IEEE 2017).